Before looking What is the definition of descriptive text as a whole, let us understand what is meant by the word descriptive itself. Descriptive is an adjective that if we mean in Indonesian means that the description (picture). If you were asked to describe an object, it means you have to describe the object in question both in the size, color and so forth. According to Wikipedia, is a Descriptive text is: “one kaedah data processing effort into something that can be expressed clearly and precisely with the aim that can be understood by people who do not directly experience it for yourself.” So what is meant by descriptive text is an article or text that describes the properties inherent in something, be it humans, animals, plants, or inanimate objects such as houses, cars and so forth.

Purpose Descriptive Text

Judging from the above understanding, then in fact we are able to understand what is the purpose of descriptive text. Another goal is to describe everything be it human, animal, plant or inanimate objects with properties attached to it such as size, type, color, and so forth so that the reader or the reader can figure out what something is out of the picture we convey even though he has not never seen.

  1. Structure Text (Generic Structure)

Descriptive text has its own rules in writing, including in the structure or composition of which must be written in order. If you are prompted to create descriptive text, then make sure the structure is as follows:

  1. Identification: This section – in the first paragraph – the goal is to identify something to be described or depicted. Explanation easy, Identification serves to introduce the reader about the object or something that we have described before we tell about its properties. The goal is not to get one of those readers. We want to describe a car, for example, but the reader assumed motors. Example: you are asked to describe the new car, then the contents of his identification is: My dad just bought a new car. This car is long I craved, but only now my father bought. (Means to be portrayed is my car, not the car someone else).
  2. Description: This section – in the second paragraph and so on – contains the properties inherent in something that you already introduced to the reader in the first paragraph. Example (continued on cars above): This is my new car is the latest sports car from Toyota. Number bench only two, one for the driver and one for passengers, as well as the door. This car can be sped up to speeds of 500 km / h, almost equal to the speed of Fokker plane manifold.

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